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Psychic Self Defence

Space Pic2Are You Under Psychic Attack?

What is psychic attack?

Psychic attack occurs when your aura or energy field has been breached or damaged allowing something or someone to take your energy and power. Recognising the symptoms of psychic attack, knowing how to counteract it and prevent it, will enable you to restore and maintain happiness in your life.

Are you under Psychic Attack?

You experience inexplicable emotional problems, for example:
  • You feel depressed, oppressed, anxious, worried, fearful, guilty, sad or tearful without any reason
  • You experience a loss of confidence, self esteem or insecurity
You have unexplained physical symptoms, for example:
  • You experience a sudden energy loss, you feel tired, edgy, or “out of sorts”
  • You feel shaky, nauseous, shivery or have cold sweats
  • You experience repeated bouts of physical ailments with no diagnosable cause
You sense unwelcome presences, for example:
  • You feel invaded, threatened or uncomfortable, or sense “entities” or “ghosts” around you that wish to harm you
  • You feel as if you are being watched, or hear disturbing voices in your head
  • You feel as though you have become invisible
Things go inexplicably wrong or nothing seems to work out as if something is thwarting you. For example:
  • You experience unwarranted hostility towards you for no apparent reason
  • You become unusually accident-prone
  • You experience frequent electrical or mechanical failures – lights and fuses blow, cars break down, PCs persistently crash, and so forth
  • Things get lost and are found in strange places

What can you do about it?

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