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As soon as you get access to this online programme, you'll be able to tap into your spiritual self and use your inner wisdom to attract the vibrant opportunities, fulfilment, and success you desire.

However, Spiritual Success Lab isn't just about giving you the training and insight you need to transform your life. I'm also going to give you – at no extra charge – direct access to me each month for as long as you're a member. This will be in the form of a live monthly coaching or channelling call where I invoke my guide and answer your most pressing questions!

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As an exclusive insider, you'll get new content each week that empowers you to step into your personal and spiritual power. You'll stay up to date on the latest science-based research and techniques (completely free of fluff of course) to continuously create success in all areas of your life – not just your psychic ability.

Here are just a few of the key topics covered in this exclusive monthly membership programme:


  • Tapping into Your Personal Power (become strong, capable, and unstoppable, so you can rise above any of life’s challenging circumstances)
  • Harnessing and Using Energy. This is the key piece missing from all Law of Attraction teachings. Yes you need to set your intent, but you know that’s not enough. Unlock the key to successful manifestation here.
  • Emotional Resilience. how to overcome setbacks, rise above circumstances, and how you can free yourself from past pain.
  • Ghost or Guide: How to Connect with Your Guide. Yes there’s a right and a wrong way to communicate with your guide. The reason most people fail, is they don’t know HOW.
  • 9Mindset for Success. Master your mind and you can do anything. This is the difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Learn these mindset tricks and you can hack your own mind to become a winner.
  • How to Find Your Soulmate. No need to be alone and unhappy. Discover the truth about soulmates and how to attract that perfect relationship.
  •  • The Silent Mind: How to Meditate. The REAL secret to meditating effectively so you can improve your emotional, mental and physical health, and exactly how this can open up your spiritual connection. If you’ve tried to meditate and failed then this will show you why, and how to overcome that.
  • 10Grounding Your Spiritual Vision. You’ve got a vision or dream, but it never seems to come to reality, follow these simple steps and discover how.
  • Expanding Your Awareness and Consciousness with Lightworker Evolution. Discover where you are in your evolutionary cycle so you can overcome (or completely avoid) problems and challenges. Be a visionary and pioneer a new life for yourself, and a new world.
  • 11How to Open the Money Gate. If you’re wealth seems stuck and blocked, this will help you unleash your inner money gate.
  • How to Achieve Perfect Health. Find the real cause of any illness and the step you can take to resolve it.
  •  And much, much, much..

You get everything – for just £1 today, then £27 a month for 6 months.( Reduced from £37 a month as a thank you for being amazing, which, of course you are! And for investing in yourself)


Look What My Happy Clients and Customers Say

Here’s some typical examples how I’ve helped them and how I can help you, too...


"A personal transformation and revelation"

“Working with Lisa is indeed transformational stuff. You will be challenged but never allowed to feel alone, stretched far enough that you must grow, but never so far that you are stretched too far and then cannot grow again.

“What began as fulfilling a promise to myself to add new and deeper dimensions to my own business in order to help my own clients, also became a personal transformation and revelation beyond any expectations."

– Wilma Allan



"WOW! WOW. Ok I am a bit of a closed person when it comes to coaching and personal development, it is not that I don't think I need it, not at all, it is just that I have not, until now, met the right person to inspire me to think they could make a difference.

“We all have baggage, we all have limiting beliefs, how much we recognise them is down to our willingness to let them out! Lisa is quite a lady! She is intelligent, beyond me on that score for sure, she applies a logical, non fluffy, view on the science of our minds and the capability we have, in a logical way, to move forward."

– Penny Power, Founder of Ecademy


"Broken through years of blockages into freedom and power"

"I am so grateful for Lisa's big mission to help world changers get their message across. The content is very extensive and thorough! So thorough, in fact that I have broken through years of blockages and into freedom and POWER!

– Christine Lennard


And those are only a few typical examples of my happy clients. Here’s some more…

• One client increased his income by 10 times by deleting poverty programming. He made £50,000 within 6 weeks of his session.

• One coach went from charging £50 an hour for hypnotherapy to £3,000 a program after releasing her money blocks.

• One client overcame social anxiety disorder, who went on to hold down a job and live an independent, drug free and happy life.

• One student went from being over £40,000 in debt to phone psychics, to working as a professional psychic, and earned more than enough to comfortably quit her day job.

• One woman recovered from childhood sexual abuse completely. She had no memories of anything earlier than 6 weeks in her past. When she visited a few months after her treatment, she passed a zoo, where she remembered visiting as a child and even remembered the toy bought for her in the gift shop.

• One woman overcame anorgasmia. At Aged 52 she achieved her first orgasm, which is now a regular feature in her happy sex life.

• Another client used this process to recover from Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after serving in the Middle East. He’s now free from night terrors and is back with his family who are no longer afraid of his temper because it's 100% gone.

That’s why I’m absolutely sure I can help you too. Just click this button below to join my new Spiritual Success Lab and let’s get started...

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When you upgrade to Spiritual Success Lab for just £27 today, you'll also get access to my exclusive Higher Self Therapy, a time tested and proven processes for eliminating blocks and releasing all emotional pain, past trauma, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, and guilt... for forever.

And I'm giving you my audio guide to the Ho'o Pono Pono process. This forgiveness technique will release all energetic attachment to other people or things that's holding you back from living your fullest potential.


What Makes This Membership Programme So Different from Everything
You've Ever Tried Before?

You're already getting complete access to my ever-growing arsenal of 30+ online courses all in one, convenient location that is open to you 24/7. This cutting-edge content combined with virtual coaching calls is KEY to mastering your intuition, spiritual development, and everyday life.

But it gets better.

Unlike other programmes that don't deliver results, Spiritual Success Lab utilizes time tested and proven processes that empower you to connect with and receive guidance from your highest self.

I've replaced all the spiritual myths and limitations placed on you by society, as well as the woo-woo nonsense, with powerful, positive programming at the level of the unconscious mind.

I'm sure you'll agree that this programme is packed with exciting information you can use right away to improve your daily life. But you're probably wondering...

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I know we haven't met, but I'm willing to bet that from the outside looking in, you have a picture-perfect life. On the inside, however, it's a different story.

You get the unshakeable sense that you were destined for something more on this planet. You have experienced strange spiritual events that, no matter how intelligent or rational you are, cannot be explained away.

If this sounds even a little bit familiar, take heart and know this: You're not alone.

Countless other seemingly successful people around the world find themselves feeling unsatisfied, uneasy, and disillusioned with life. Like you, they struggle to reconcile their spiritual experiences with their practical understanding of the "real world." They crave spiritual connection that extends far beyond their own achievements thus far.

And the reality is...


You Are Destined for Something More


You possess psychic senses, spiritual powers and a deep inner wisdom you once thought were only reserved for a select handful of individuals. This intuition is the secret to the more joyful, fulfilling, and abundant life you truly want... But so far, the spiritual connection and psychic development you desire has eluded you.

Tell me if any of these rings a bell:

• You've tried trusting your intuition in the past but it backfired and didn't give you the results you wanted...

• You want to be more intuitive, psychic, and connected to your spiritual self, but you feel like you have blocks that limit your connections...

• You've read every self-help book and attended every workshop, but you still aren't any closer to understanding your spiritual life or psychic abilities...

• You wish somebody would just teach you about your intuition in a simple, straightforward way that's not flaky, fluffy, or full of meaningless nonsense...

It's maddening to know there's more to your life than meets the eye... but to have no clue how to tap into it!


Fortunately, There's an Easier Way to Crack the Code to
Psychic Development, Spiritual Ascension and Start Living
Your Highest Potential

Hi, I'm Dr. Lisa Turner. I'm a certified trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy, a Tantra instructor, and a student of many spiritual schools. But don't worry, this isn't another invitation to frustrate and confuse you with more woo-woo rubbish and spiritual drivel.

In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Like many of you, I got fed up with the ridiculous myths surrounding spiritual teachings and the limitations pumped out by mass media. I was sick of seeing so many smart, talented professionals like yourself try everything under the sun to achieve the spiritual connection and control over their life they craved with zero results.

There are plenty of well-meaning, but ineffective spiritual teachers in the world already. That's why I developed a different, smarter, better approach that actually works.


With a background in mathematical modelling and aero-acoustics, everything I teach is grounded in science. It's taken years of research and real-world testing to learn what I've discovered, but I've used this knowledge and my proven processes to free myself as well as hundreds of clients from the trap of past pains, fears, and limiting beliefs. This spiritual enlightenment has opened up thousands of lives to experiencing more freedom, joy, and ultimate possibility.

I can finally say I've cracked the code to spiritual evolution. The best part is, if you're willing to dive deeply into your own intuition today, there's an easy way to achieve the spiritual understanding and enhanced psychic ability you yearn for – even if you've been struggling for years.

As soon as you get access to this online programme, you'll be able to tap into your spiritual self and use your inner wisdom to attract the vibrant opportunities, fulfilment, and success you desire.

However, Spiritual Success Lab isn't just about giving you the training and insight you need to transform your life. I'm also going to give you – at no extra charge – direct access to me . This will be in the form of a live coaching or channelling calls where I invoke my guide and answer your most pressing questions!


Why Give Away All My Secrets for Such
a Low Investment?

It's simple, really. I am confident that once you get a taste of the transformational shifts you experience as a result of the courses and coaching you receive in this programme, you'll remain a loyal member. Once you realize just how valuable all these spiritual secrets are, you'll want more training, guidance, and support as you continue your journey. And if so, we'll both be getting a great deal.

However, if for some unlikely reason you're not delighted by all the practical, science-based teachings and life-changing results you get when you decide to become a member of Spiritual Success Lab, I insist on giving you a full, prompt, and courteous refund. That's my...


"Woo-Free" Cancellation Guarantee

Go through every course, get live coaching with me, and experience transformational shifts at the subconscious level... all without any fluff, filler, or woo-woo rubbish.

And if you aren't absolutely thrilled with what you discover inside this powerful programme, just let me know and you can cancel your subscription and no further payments will be occur.

If that sounds fair, simply click below to join Spiritual Success Lab right now for just £27 a month for 6 full months... and get ALL of my spiritual secrets at your fingertips just seconds from now!

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