How often do you find yourself saying:
“There must be MORE to life than this”?

Finally a way to Unleash The Spiritual Evolutionary Calling From Within As You Awaken Your Higher Consciousness & Step Into Your Destiny

A beautiful oil painting on canvas of a woman goddess Lada holding a sourceful of a white light on her palm


Dear Spiritual Evolutionary,

This is my personal invitation to you

Take this magical journey with me … discover your higher consciousness, Unleash the evolutionary calling from within … and finally break free from your limiting beliefs that blocks your GRAND SUCCESS


Please read on carefully because you only have one chance to grab this amazing limited invitation...


What is Spiritual Success Mastermind and why join?

It’s an advanced evolutionary program, if you’d like achieve personal transformation and spiritual awakening quicker and easier - rather than just by working alone. As part of a loving group of awakened individuals you will find the strength and support to become who you really are.

Beautiful woman with magnificent galaxy hair in blue, pink cloudThis special mastermind programme was created for some very simple reasons.

1. To create the greatest spiritual transformation and evolution possible awakening your highest potential.

2. To find the root cause of whatever is holding you back, and release it.

3. To give you the opportunity to ask No One Guide your personal questions and receive the information, AND the transformation to free yourself to move to the next level.

What’s in it for you?

This is a unique mastermind where you can get unprecedented personal access to me. By now you should have a good understanding of how highly I value time (mine and yours) and as such I want to invest my time with those who are invested in themselves.

On this programme we will find and remove whatever is holding you back from you fully standing in your power, feeling complete, healed, whole and spiritually connected.

For some of you this might mean awakening your spiritual powers, for others it might be healing your relationships, or it could be your inner game of developing inner strength and power.

I am currently looking to work only with people who are highly motivated to grow themselves and to transform themselves spiritually a deep level.

Who is this for? Can you relate to this…

Alien Human touch

• You crave spiritual connection, the ability to communicate with your guides, hear them, see them and feel their presence daily. Yet despite trying and trying, you still struggle to achieve that connection.

• You know at a deep level that you have the ability to inspire others to transform and grow and change.

• You have a big vision for your life and the difference you’d like to make in the world.

blue godness women eye with birds on multicolor background eye contact with mandala linear ornament

• You want to significantly increase your spiritual powers and success to become play at a higher level and boost your success.

• You have a big message to get out, but don’t yet know what it is, or how to convey it.

• You want to find and clear all emotional / psychological blocks to your success that are stopping you live the life you deserve and desire.

• You want to feel emotionally strong during any challenging times. I know that stepping up brings up your “stuff” and having someone there for you is ESSENTIAL for staying on track.

• You want clarity in your goals, decisions and vision for your future.

• You’re ready to get in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Depression Support• You have challenges with your relationships and family. You want to feel part of a loving partnership, or supported by your Mum or Dad. You’d love to be an inspiring role model for your kids, but instead all you have is stress, conflict, arguments

You want personal access to No-One-Guide (No-One-Consciousness and BEYOND) and their wisdom.

If this is you and this is what you have been looking for, I can assure you that spiritually, energetically, emotionally and financially it will be the best investment you have ever made.


Here are some examples of what’s possible for you on our
Spiritual Success Mastermind

Teamwork couple helping hand trust help silhouette in mountains sunset. Team of climbers man and woman hikers help each other on top of mountain climbing together beautiful sunset landscape on Gran Canaria

• Together we will find and remove ALL presenting blocks and obstacles to your success.

• Identify the root cause of any issues. Note this is KEY to the success and power of this system as many release processes only work on the surface level issues.

• Completely release any limiting decisions and painful emotions that are blocking your success.

• You’ll receive insight and explicit detail what you need to do to take yourself to the next level.

• Guaranteed: No One Guide’s answers to your questions and personal insight into your situation.

• And much more...

Just Look At What’s Possible For You!

Control Emotions.

Together we can help you with…

1. Getting clarity and direction.
Becoming crystal clear on your vision for your personal future, ensuring that it is 100% in alignment with your life’s purpose.

2. Finding and living from your Core Identity
When you can live from your True self you are more powerful, influential and charismatic then might have ever thought possible. Caution! Use this power wisely!

3. Strategizing your actions.
Creating the future you desire means knowing what to do and doing it. We’ll be working together to pinpoint the right actions to take, when and how. On occasion I’ll be giving you a gentle push when needed to ensure you stay on track.

4. Optimising your environment.
Being in the right environment isn’t an accident, nor are you a victim of your environment or circumstances. Instead you can create an environment that fully supports you to become a powerful spiritual practitioner. This includes aspects such as:
• Your physical environment
• Mental
• Social, friends and relationships

5. Mastering your psychology.
There’s no doubt that success starts, continues and ends with the psychology of your mind and brain. Let’s work together to strengthen your inner game around relationships, life, your work, money, spiritual connection, sense of worth and value, and your purpose.

6. Anchoring spirit within.
Being able to have constant access to your spiritual core, inner guidance and intuition. Here you can
• Become ever more integrated with spirit and source.
• Energy Activations to open channels in your neurology so that spirit can become rooted within permanently.
• Receive support from No-One-Guide to No-One-Guide (No-One-Consciousness and BEYOND) and their wisdom.


Here’s how the programme Works

Live Coaching calls

● In this Mastermind, we hold live coaching calls approx. 2 – 3 a month (this varies according to my availability. If I’m running a retreat or travelling we’ll skip a week or two).

● This is where I personally help you towards results step by step. For example, if you ever feel stuck, just ask me for my advice and I help you reach your goal.

● I guarantee with my guidance and support you get results much, much quicker and easier than if you work alone.

So, if you spiritual awakening and personal transformation have been eluding you ... I really recommend you add to Spiritual Success Mastermind membership to your order now.

Energy Activation Days

9In the Mastermind, we also hold Energy Activation Days online. These are designed to raise your vibration, heal, activate new energy systems, initiation you into higher levels of consciousness and more.

These Energy Activation Days have various themes like:

CHAKRA spa day. Clear blocks that stop you moving forward and achieving success. Increase, inner strength, willpower, creativity, compassion, clear stuck emotions. Become more intuitive and inspired.

Mysterious SEXUAL ENERGY. How to raise, harness and transmute your sexual energy to increase spiritual connection. Experience orgasmic bliss - even when you’re not having sex. Learn how to use sexual energy, the raw energy of creation to increase wealth and spiritual connection and more. (This is really how you bring spirit INTO your body.)

Secret power of TAROT CARDS. Learn to use the energy of these magical cards to enhance your life and well-being every day.

“Spell casting” using symbolic magic to harness the power of the unconscious mind. Create tangible change with the use of symbols. Learn how to symbolise and solve ANY problem.

● And more many other fun, exciting and useful themes.


Access to one of my Online programmes

Choose free access to any of my digital programmes including

“Hidden Secrets of the Tarot”

Activate the archetypal energies of the tarot to increase your energy, vibration, personal and spiritual power.

Become a Tarot Reader like no other. Discover how to use the tarot for healing, change, problem solving and creating your future

“Online Spiritual Business Academy”

Activate your profit Chakras to create a full practice of highly spiritual, high paying clients who love to work with you, and rave about you. Finally get paid for helping others in a karmically balanced way.

“Power of the Word”

The secrets of spell casting with your words using Linguistic alchemy. Part 1 of our Esoteric NLP training. Recorded Live in the training room.

“The Evolving Mind”

Understand the process of Spiritual Evolution by through the evolution for your neurology. Part 2 of our Esoteric NLP Training

"Spiritual Practitioner Secrets"

Start your journey of spiritual awakening Discover how to harness your spiritual powers so that you can lead a happier, richer, more successful life & make a great living helping other people with your amazing talents (Recommended if you are new to Psycademy or you are starting your spiritual journey)

But even that’s not all. We also do ...



Woman emerges from doorwayThis is where I invoke my guide No-One-Guide, No- One- Consciousness and Beyond speak through me in real time and answer ANY questions you have.

The special and surprising thing about working with my guides is that they don’t just give information – they create TRANSFORMATION.

This means that on the call we can remove blocks in any area of your life. Frankly, you have to experience the power of their energy to fully appreciate the experience.

It’s beyond any words I can come up with! But join us on the call ... and let me know what you experienced.

By the way, I normally charge over £1000 for a live reading. So this alone is worth more than the small membership fee of this Mastermind...


How much does it cost to join?

Because you are a fabulous person you get to join this Mastermind for £197.00

The First 10 will pay £197

Next 10 pay £297

After that £397

Why am I doing this? Because I want to grow the community. I want to create a powerful group of the most exciting, committed, highly evolved spiritual people possible right now.

Cancel anytime. No strings attached.

So would you like to add the Spiritual Success Mastermind membership to your order now ... to achieve spiritual awakening and personal transformation FASTER and EASIER ... with my personal help and support?

Yes I want to join

So, you get everything listed above, PLUS ...



As my Mastermind member, you have an opportunity come to my Spiritual Success Retreat absolutely FREE, if you pay the first 12 months of your monthly subscription in advance (Value £2,500).

This is an amazing 3 day LIVE event where you will experience unprecedented spiritual evolution.

It’s during these live retreats that all the really powerful initiations take place. For example, initiation into your Higher Self. This is where you bring your higher self INTO your physical body so that you can communicate with it at any time.

My clients rave about this.

Just look what Camilla said after it …

"I've just finished the ‘Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live Retreat’. I had no idea what to expect, no preconceptions of what I was going to gain from it, and I'm leaving not knowing exactly what I have gained, but knowing I've gained HUGE amounts. So much self learning and so many ideas about the future and where I want to go. I'm on a journey to learn more and I want to thank you all very very much."

– Camilla Clayton

And for Sarah it actually “changed her life”…

"I came to Lisa's workshop and I was very uncertain. So I questioned and registered a couple of days before the event. Everything began to fall into place.

So I turned up unsure and unprepared for the event. And I have found that these last 3 days have really changed my life.

And I'm leaving here with a lot of answers to questions I'd had for many years. I'm still on the path, I've still got some questions about how's this going to work, but I've met some wonderful people who are like-minded. If you've got any queries about this, and you want to transform your life, find the opportunity to BE here.

And I really stress that. Find the opportunity to be here, organise things, because this I recommend as a wonderful opportunity to transform you."

– Sarah Waters

Michael was blown away too…

“I've just spent 3 days with Lisa Turner on ‘Spiritual Practitioner Secrets’ and I'm pushed to say which was the best part of the 3 days because it was absolutely packed with brilliant content.

Practical, spiritual, esoteric, esoterically practical, spiritually practical! If you've never come across Lisa Turner before, you're in for a real treat.

And if you do know Lisa Turner, you're still in for a treat, because she's warm, extremely well-read, highly researched and extremely wise. It's been a brilliant 3 days - I highly recommend it.”

– Michael Trigg

And those are only few examples.

So why not join Spiritual Success Mastermind membership for just £97 today and experience all this too? This is by far the easiest and quickest way to personal transformation and spiritual awakening at this ridiculously low price.

Remember ... if you stay in the group and your membership fees cover the Spiritual Practitioner Secrets Live Retreat ticket price, I really let come in FREE to this 3 day event. Rather than charge you £2,500 like everyone will pay.

So what’s it going to be?

Yes I want to join

Still unsure?

Don’t be.

Look at all these testimonials from my happy clients and join now...

"I've just done the 3 day event, "Spiritual Practitioner Secrets" with Lisa Turner, and... pretty phenomenal! It's the first 3 day event that I've been to where I've never felt drained or down afterwards. Very energising, very powerful. So many shifts and changes."
–Claire Bagehot

“Lisa is a most amazing teacher. She has a wide range of tools and experience and is excellent at taking the best of all and sharing them in a format easy for everyone to use. Her down to earth practicality and sense of fun is a joy as she takes us all on our journey of discovery about ourselves emphasising the good, clearing the bad with compassion and a sense of humour, and teaching us valuable skills for life and business”
–Kathryn Mackellar

"Earlier this week I attended Lisa’s personal breakthrough session. It was inspiring, thought provoking and what can be described as getting down to the true nitty-gritty-and-chucking-it-out in a very calm and safe way.

Lisa’s commitment and inspiration to others is superb, and the commitment and inspiration she enables you to find in yourself is outstanding."
–Jo Lunn

Yes I want to join