Trust or Learn – you are the creator of your universe

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What does trust or learn have to do with your experience in the universe? On some level, either consciously or unconsciously, you have attracted or created everything you experience. You are the creator of your universe. The filtering mechanisms of your senses and the patterning of your unconscious minds recreate what you experience both externally and internally.

With all the information available these days, including an overabundance of conspiracy theories, you may start to feel yourself filled with fear and doubt.

The more you hear, the more you might doubt yourself, doubt what you’re being told, and doubt what you used to believe is true. Fear takes over and you don’t seem able to trust not only others but also yourself.

When in doubt or fear

If you hold the belief that on some level you are creating your universe, you are empowered to change things. You can either change it physically, or you can make some inner changes that will have an influence on the outside. If you only change the external, you’ll repeat patterns; and if you only change the internal, you’ll feel better within yourself, but not about the world outside of you.

In today’s complex world, the availability and depth of knowledge have become greater than ever. The superficial bits of research we see in newspapers, blogs and on social media are often not peer-reviewed, and can very well be assumptions, not truth. Sorting through information overload can be overwhelming.

When you’re put in a place of doubt or fear, you are powerless and become a victim. But, you’re in a situation where you have a choice to exercise your intellect. You can either believe what you see or hear or use your intellect and intuition to determine truth.

My invitation to you – Trust or Learn

I invite you to Trust or Learn. Take a look at the world and think of your assumptions. Now challenge them. Question the information you’ve encountered and also ask some questions of yourself. Determine if what you’re trusting should be questioned or researched. As a human, you have an amazing ability to balance your intellect and intuition. You will know what you can trust and what you should question.

Use your power of source. Put yourself at cause and effect and create your universe.  Trust or learn. Start believing that the world is a fundamentally good place and work to make it an even better place.


Watch this video to hear some examples of information that can’t be trusted, conspiracy theories, and how you can overcome the negative effects of doubt and fear when creating your universe.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences with doubt and fear, so please leave a comment.

Love… Lisa

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