This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide” But be warned their answer isn’t quite what you’d expect.

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question. And as always they say this about this message

“We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”


We receive many questions about relationships, twin flames and soulmates. These are questions like “Is he/she coming back? Is s/he my soulmate or twin flame? Are they the one? How can I attract a loving relationship and how can I attract my soulmate or twin flame?”

Answer from No-One-Guide (note they are a bit cheeky-rude in this one, which is normal for them!)

We will say this about twin flames and soulmates.  Whether it is with Ted or somebody’s initials that you give us, no matter what the exact question, it is the same answer.

Or rather it is the answer to another question.

The real question you are asking when you ask about your twin flam, soul mate or fuckbuddy is this:

“How can I create more love?”

You are really desiring more love. You are really desiring to create a loving relationship.

Let us speak of soulmates and twin flame.  These are metaphors used to describe a “really nice relationship”.

Much additional meaning has been attributed to this.  Yet in truth, the meaning is only that which you choose to believe about your partner.

Even the term “partner” implies that there is an individual that you should be with for life, and this is not necessarily how your relationship has to manifest.

You are an aspect and an attribute of source.  You wish to know more of source through another.

Let us explain how dysfunctional relationships occur.  In truth the idea of twin flames and soulmates can perpetuate dysfunctional relationships. This idea can diminish you and keep you from source.

The idea that there is one soulmate for you, and that without this soulmate you will be incomplete, suggests that you are not source, that you are not complete. This ideas suggests that you must spend your life, yearning for this part of you that will make you complete. This idea that you must find your “twin flame” suggest that you are not whole.

We observe this in the languaging of your questions.  “How can I find my soulmate so that I can be complete?”  “How can I find my twin flame so that I can have some expansion, some growth, so that I can live the life I choose,” so that, so that… so that ….

When you believe this, when you believe that you are not complete, thus you also believe that you are not source and you will always attract someone else who believes and thinks that they are not source. The result is that you will have one “not source” person finding another “not source” person, or one incomplete person trying to find another incomplete person, hoping that these two partial people will make a whole. It is this that creates co-dependent and dysfunctional relationships.

These two people are seeking the source that they are in another.

Instead, the way to create more love in your life with anyone, is to create more love within yourself, for yourself.  And we do not mean the pampering, “Oh I need to have a few more manicures and massages because that’s the way I do self-love.” . You can have this if you choose but it is superficial.

In truth it is when you truly know that you are the divine being that you are.  When you recognise this on a deep cellular level, when you know that you have the ability to radiate this out onto everyone and anyone, they can, if they choose, experience their magnificence in that moment. Then you have two divine beings, aware of their divinity, meeting.

You do not find your twin flame or soul mate outside of you, you find the divinity within you.

When you choose to be source you will attract other who are also choosing to be source, and then you will have created an extremely powerful and connected relationship.

But to believe the metaphor of the twin flame is to believe that you are some single flame that then split at birth, and then you must find the other half of your flame.  How does this work if you are source?  This makes no sense. Source is infinite. Infinity split into two is still infinity. Source is all, all is all.

The metaphor of the twin flame! What is this?  It is nonsense.  It is a metaphor that dis-empowers.  It is a useful metaphor to describe a nice relationship, but you have choice.  You can choose to seek and strive for a nice relationship, or you can strive for a relationship that enables each of you to fully connect to source, together.  To empower, to be empowered within each other’s company.  Without effort.

Start by finding source within.

You are divine.

Seek the divinity within and divinity will find you.

We have spoken.

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No-One-Guide to create your future.

Who are No-One-Guide?

No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

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