Spiritual Awakening – you hear this term so often, and you have an idea of what it is, but what does it really mean?

Recently, I had a training call – I’ve been teaching my certified spiritual practitioners how to read and perceive auras and how to do dowsing and muscle testing as diagnostic tools. I started to talk about some of the experiences that I’ve been having and those I’ve had during my spiritual awakening.

Then came the question that I often get asked – what the heck is a spiritual awakening, anyway?

A spiritual awakening is, as the name suggests, a time or experience an individual has when they transition from being aware of only the physical reality and awaken to something more. That more is something that we label spiritual and the spiritual is different for everyone. So, part of the process of spiritual awakening is that you become aware that you know there’s something more.

As you are going along through life, you’re focused on the job, the family, the bills, making enough money and maybe getting a raise, or maybe getting the right boyfriend or girlfriend, or getting the house, getting the car, getting the other car, getting the bigger car, getting the second wife or the better boyfriend, and having the kids, getting the kids into the right school. It’s all that stuff in your physical reality.

And, while you’re going through your physical reality, it’s not that you aren’t compassionate, kind and loving, because you do care deeply about other people; but you haven’t yet awakened to a higher level of awareness, when one begins to feel there is something more, something that might be spiritual.

Reaching a New Level of Awareness

What happens when you become aware that there might be something more that might be spiritual? You realize it’s more than just ‘gathering stuff’ – it’s about having deep, connected relationships, feeling really loved and loving wherever you are. It’s about caring not only for your immediate family or your extended family, but also caring about and taking care of greater groups of people, different communities, and people outside of your communities.

This is where the barriers start to break down. It’s where you no longer only care about your family, your pet, your town, your county, your race, or your species. You start to care about all animals, the environment, racism – breaking down those kinds of barriers – ecology, the planet, society as a whole. Your awareness expands, and it might go even beyond that.

Once you become aware of the non-physical, you might have crazy dreams. You might start to have an awareness of phenomena that could be labelled psychic. The first phase of anyone’s spiritual awakening is all about the phenomena, so you become aware of auras and telepathy and clairvoyance. You might start to speak to dead people.

Moving Through the Awareness Stages

Sadly, some get stuck at the phenomena stage. Awareness goes up, and then it levels off. You think you’re done … I can speak to dead people; I can see auras; that’s it; I’m awakened spiritually.  The danger of stopping at that point is there’s another whole level.  And, in fact, it shouldn’t ever plateau off again.

I don’t very often say the word shouldn’t, but the idea of awakening and sourcing your spirit is that you’re aware of the entire universe, and you realize that you exist as part of the universe. And, within this universe, you are kind of a co-creator of everything you experience. The universe creates you, and you create the universe, so there’s this symbiotic relationship.

One of the things that can occur during the early stages of your awakening is you realize you’ve lived thinking this is how it is and these are the rules. You’ve believed things fit into a box; and, suddenly, there are no walls to the box, no sides to the box, and no dimensions. This is because you’ve transcended this dimension, so you have crazy dreams and crazy experiences.

This can be quite challenging, because part of your awakening is the willingness to let go of what you thought was real and true, and open yourself to what you start to sense is greater than who you were before and what you knew before. That realization can be challenging and, sometimes, disturbing.

Your Spiritual Awakening

Your spiritual awakening will be whatever you experience. During it, you will be aware of some other of source of energy. Don’t get stuck in the phenomena. There’s more to it than seeing spirit orbs, talking to dead people, seeing ghosts, or seeing auras. It’s an entirely new level of being aware, of absolutely being connected to the divine, and you can create deep, profound growth and transformation in yourself, others, and the planet.

We’re at a time where the whole world is starting to awaken, so join me on this exciting journey.


Watch the video here. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below. What do you think of awakening spiritually? Have you started your Spiritual Awakening? Let me know if you have any questions.

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