This week’s article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”.  As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question.


What’s the name of my spirit guide?


We are frequently asked the question “what is the name of my spirit guide?”

This question suggests that your spirit guide, or any spirit guide is an individual, that they are a person, or that they were a person who once lived. A true spirit guide is pure energy. It is a stream of consciousness that is beyond an individual. A true spirit guide is beyond the level of an individual person or personality. A true spirit guide is a vibrational energy that has no fixed consciousness. They are an aspect of pure source.

The way to experience this high vibrational level of consciousness is to achieve coherence of the vibration in your being. Very few people can achieve this. Currently less than 2% can achieve this level of coherence at will at any time.

However it is entirely possible for you to be activated energetically.

You can be initiated energetically, so that a portion of your being can achieve this high vibrational level called coherence, so that you can experience a spirit guide within your being.

A spirit guide is not an external entity or energy. It is not external to you, it is not outside of you.

We are No One Guide and we can communicate via the medium Lisa, because Lisa allows herself to achieve coherence so that we can energetically resonate with her. When she does this she can receive our wisdom, insight and knowledge directly within her being. At that point, she is us and we are her, at the moment and instant of her achieving and experiencing coherence. She can achieve coherence at will and at any time. This is beyond rare, and she does not enjoy us sharing this, however she allows it as she trusts that this is in your highest good to hear.

As a spiritual teacher, Lisa is able to activate within another this capability for coherence, so that you can vibrate energetically with higher consciousness. This is a process that we have taught her to do. This is a process that we can teach you, via Lisa.

This is so much more empowering to you than to simply tell you to “wait until some random dead person who fancies a chat shows up”.

This initiation into your high level guide is the gift of true empowerment, or rather, it is the gift of true re-empowerment.

Just as being taught to drive empowers you with the freedom of your mobility, being initiated into your spirit guide empowers you to be able to communicate with them at any time.

When you achieve coherence through initiation into your spirit guide, you can certainly ask your guide what is their name. However, this is not particularly meaningful to your guide, so they may choose a name by which you can address them, simply for convenience, and to facilitate the conversation.

We have spoken


Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No-One-Guide to create your future.

Who are No-One-Guide?
No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests, are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

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To your spiritual success