What do you want?

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Have you ever had that experience where you flip-flop from wanting something to wanting something else? You think I want that and all of a sudden you don’t want that. So, what do you want?

When you make New Year’s resolutions or set a goal, and you say I’m going to do this, and then you don’t follow through, you’re left wondering why. As you go in different directions, you might think you’ve got a motivation or willpower problem.

The reason you flip-flop is because your personality is ego-based and caters to your desires. It’s not that your personality is evil or wrong – it just doesn’t have the bigger picture. You have information coming into your mind that tells you this is the right or best or most sensible way. However, the divine desire expressing itself through you has other ideas.

Are your desires personality-based or from your higher self?

Some of your desires are base-level personality desires and others are your higher-self desires. We are in the physical form with our personality and our egos, yet we are the expression of our divine source via our higher self. How you express the divine comes through your personality. The more flexible you can be with your personality, the more you can embody and express the divine.

In order to have pure desires, you must become a pure channel and there are two things you must do:

  • Develop a solid integration between your conscious and unconscious mind
  • Release negative programming patterning from your unconscious mind

If you’d like to learn more about the two steps to achieving pure desires, and how you can become an expression of the divine, watch this training video: What’s your purpose – how do you know what you want?

If you’re struggling with finding your purpose or deciding what you want, let us know by leaving a comment below. We’d love to hear about your experiences.

Love… Lisa

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