Why Bad Things Happen Even When You’re Thinking Good Thoughts

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“Dear Lisa, I know and agree that bad thoughts can lead to ill health… but I have been very much in good thoughts the last several months  – and yet – my hip cracked! It’s really due to genetics. But I did not bring that on myself… I’ve been doing everything right to avoid that! And yet – here it is. I’m still trying to get back to normal. A bone fracture??? Honestly… I can’t have encouraged that. Say it isn’t so!”

Dear Jean,
You’re not the first and you won’t be the last to ask this question. It’s one of the big missing secrets not taught properly in the Law of Attraction.

To understand why “bad” things can happen even when you’re thinking “positively” we need to go to the mind and really dig into how it works

why bad things happen

First of all, I’m sure you are familiar with the idea that we all have a conscious mind and an UN-conscious mind. The Conscious mind is everything that we are aware of. Including the thoughts we think. The UN-conscious mind is basically EVERYTHING else. Now although most people are aware of this, what is less well known is that the huge majority of our thoughts, behaviours and beliefs are in our UN-conscious. About 98% to be exact!!

So when you say “I’m very much in good thoughts” those are the good thoughts that you are aware of and controlling consciously. So you are only influencing 2% (at best).

But what about the 98% that you are NOT aware of? Those that are in your UN-conscious mind. They could be good, bad, mad or conflicting. And because they are unconscious, you won’t even be aware of them.

Imagine trying to control a plane with only 2% of the controls. It would be a pretty hit and miss flight!

The only real way to know exactly how positive our thinking is – is to look at the results we’re getting. The results will show you how positive your unconscious thoughts are.

The next thing to remember is that the unconscious mind takes every suggestion as an instruction. It will act on that instruction and create it so that it becomes your reality. Let’s take your comment “it’s really due to genetics” as an example. If you imagine your unconscious mind is like a sponge, it will absorb and take on EVERY single suggestion you give it. If you suggest that “it’s due to genetics” it will go and create in your body the experience of the genetic blueprint of your bones fracturing.

These suggestions come from all over the place, TV, radio, movies, songs, the internet, even newsletters like this one. Sadly most suggestions that get absorbed by your unconscious mind are negative and limiting. They are absorbed and act like thought viruses creating havoc in your life. It’s not your fault though, because we never get taught how to protect our minds from these negative thought viruses.

Neither are we ever taught how to find and remove them. And positive thinking isn’t the answer – remember that will only affect your conscious mind which isn’t where the problem is. That would be like putting a smiley sticker to cover the flashing fuel light on your car dashboard. The car still needs petrol.

For years we have been at the mercy of these thought viruses polluting our mind and creating negative experiences for us

And we’ve been powerless to change that.

Until now that is. Because on my upcoming “Power of the Word” programme we are going to be delving into the unconscious mind to find all those thought viruses and delete them forever and for good. No longer will you need to force yourself to stay positive. Instead you can simply enjoy the positive reality that your positive and empowered unconscious mind will create for you.

Finally, when you ask “say it isn’t so”…  actually isn’t it better to say it IS so? Because if it is your own mind (albeit your unconscious mind) and if you knew how then you have the power to change it. it just feels like it’s out of your control because you’re only working with the 2% of your conscious thoughts.

How about learning how to fly the plane of your life by understanding how to use the other 98% of the controls? This is what I’ll be teaching on my Power of the Word course later this month. You can check it out here:  www.POW2011.com

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  1. Lisa Turner

    Hi Connie

    I’m so glad you’re finding our site useful. It’s our intention to offer as much as we can completly for free. Yes some of our high level, small group programmes do require a higher investment as that’s the only way we can deliver value and means I can keep my staff employed.

    We do have a wide range of programmes with a much lower price tag to suit all budgets. Have you taken a look at spiritual journey or perhaps our mastermind, which are both much cheaper. Take a look, I think you’ll be surprised.

    Thanks again for posting. I hope you continue to read and benefit from my free newsletter and blog articles.

    Much love

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