Why do we procrastinate

Isn’t it funny how we never put off procrastination?

Do you experience anything like this? You have a long list of things to-do. But somehow you never get started, or you do a bit of one or maybe two tasks, and then find yourself on Social Media, or doodling or just generally faffing around. You get to the end of the day your To-Do list is even longer. The tasks are even more urgent.

You finish the day feeling unsatisfied and frustrated, yet tired. You go to bed vowing to do better tomorrow. Only to find the pattern repeats.

Here are some tips to avoid procrastination you get on with the most important tasks to hand.

1.    Make sure you have only 3 tasks per day.

Take a good look at your To-Do list and reduce it to the 3 tasks only. Make sure the 3 tasks you pick are the ones that will create the biggest impact in your life, that will progress you towards your major goals and outcomes

2.    Check for “should” tasks

Look through your list to see if there are any “should” tasks. You’re probably procrastinating because, on some level, those tasks are not in alignment with your life’s purpose, in which case, don’t do them. Either get someone else to do it or, if you can, just don’t do them. Decide that these are just not in alignment with your purpose.

3.    Find the resistance

Look at your list and notice if any seem to be continually pushed back to the following day or week’s to-do list. These are the tasks you are resisting doing. So the question to ask is “what’s the resistance?” is it that you don’t know how to do it? Is it that you don’t want to do it?

Where there is resistance, there is also energy, which will be released once you release the resistance. Sometimes you can power through with the force of your will. And sometimes you’ll need to find the source of the resistance and release that.

4.    Is there inner conflict

Inner conflict can have you dither between doing one thing or another, or doing something and not doing it. This can be because you have two conflicting parts of yourself who seem to want different things. If you experience this then it’s useful to reconcile those inner parts with a process (we offer this in our coaching programs [link to coaching page].

5.    Chunk big tasks down into smaller ones.

Check that your tasks are chunked at the right level. Sometimes we put a task on our to-do list which is really a whole project in itself and needs to be chunked down into a list of smaller tasks. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. For example, “build website” is a whole project. So chunk it down into smaller tasks like, choose domain, find web hosting,

6.    Check you can actually DO the task

One of the reasons we procrastinate is that we don’t know how to do it, we don’t have the skills, or don’t think we’re very good at it. Notice if this is the case and stop giving yourself a hard time. You’re not born knowing everything. You’re not born knowing much of anything actually. You have to learn it. So make learning the skill you need a task. E.g. “learn how to x”.

7.    Have a good motivation strategy

Everything we do, we do using an internal and unconscious strategy. Sadly we aren’t born with effective strategies, and sometimes the strategies we do learn simply don’t work very well. Fortunately it is possible to install and learn new strategies into the unconscious mind so that they run automatically. [link to coaching] once you have these installed you find your drive and motivation skyrocket and you just get what you need to get done, done.

8.    Maybe you need a rest

Ok so let’s just put this out there. Sometimes you’re not actually procrastinating, what you’re  doing is recharging your energy levels so you have the energy to complete your tasks. If you find yourself not getting on with it, just do a quick inner check, is the real reason because you need a break. if so, take a break, then come back refreshed and renewed.

9.    Set yourself up for success

Make sure at least one of your tasks is easy to do. But don’t do this first, do it second after a slightly more challenging one.

10. Celebrate your success

When you complete a task, tick it off, or strike it through and give yourself a small reward. This triggers happy chemicals in your brain, and makes you want to do more. It sets you up to find it easier to tackle future tasks, as your brain will remember the good feeling and drive you to complete the task to experience it again and again.

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