Why it’s Important to Find Your Life Purpose

by | Dec 2, 2015 | Emotional Release and Emotions | 1 comment

Unsplash Universe image smallThe mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “what’s my life’s purpose?” and “how can I find it?” Finding your life’s purpose is key, because when you are living in alignment with your purpose, not only does everything feel easy, but you feel joy.

It feels good.

It feels smooth.

You feel joy.

When you know your purpose, your life has meaning. A life without purpose or meaning creates depression and despair.

When you’re out of alignment, you will tend to get feedback from the universe, and from within yourself, that make things feel not so easy.

Your body and mind will give you feedback in the form of painful emotions, or physical ailments.

For example, depression.

In my experience of working with clients, one of the key causes for depression is that they don’t feel able to do the things they most deeply desire to do. They don’t feel able to do what brings them joy – whether that’s for a living, or just generally in life. If you feel you can’t do the thing that you believe you came here on this planet and into this life to experience and do, you will feel very, very depressed.

Other things can happen if you’re living a life – or doing a job – that is deeply dissatisfying. First of all, you’ll get a sign – often something like a negative emotion. It might be frustration. It might be sadness. It might even be anxiety and fear. A common cause of anxiety arises from not feeling able to live their life’s purpose.

If you then don’t pay attention to the emotions, what happens next is that you may get a physical sign. The unconscious mind gives you the message as negative emotions first. It’s telling you that you need to make changes in your life. But all too often we suppress these emotions. Some people try to use positive thinking to make them go away, when they are the messenger telling you that you need to make changes to find your joy. If you don’t pay attention to the emotions, it gives you physical pain.

This might be a pain or ache that has no diagnosable cause, such as back ache. Often that’s a sign that you’re not in alignment with your life purpose. Could it be that your pain is nothing more than a sign that you’re out of alignment with your purpose?

In his book “The Divided Mind” by John Sarno, a surgeon who performed operations on people’s spines, identified that over 90% of his past patients who he operated on were no better off, following the surgery, long-term. In his investigations he came up with the idea that maybe the root cause was actually in the mind.

He suggests that all back problems (which have only a physical cause such as injury), should start to see significant improvement, or be completely gone, within 6-8 weeks. And if there wasn’t improvement within 6-8 weeks, the problem was in the mind.

Having conducted thousands of hours of therapy and Karmic Alignments I discovered that, when the client starts to dialog with the pain, there is a clear message. When the client gets the messages AND, releases the emotional pain and acts on its messages, the physical pain can disappear completely.

Our emotional release technique called Higher Self Therapy, which we use in Karmic Alignment, is excellent for completely releasing painful emotions from the past.

So, when you, or if you have a client who is in physical pain, or who is unable to let go of their emotional pain, it could be that they’re out of alignment with their life’s purpose. It may be that they know their purpose, but they don’t feel able to live it, or it may be that they don’t know it, so they’re not able to live it.

When you don’t have that life’s purpose, when you don’t even feel that you’re on the quest for it, you can feel totally lost and be completely adrift. You can feel thoroughly unmotivated. This is why people procrastinate with those tasks you think you ‘should’ be doing.

Your life’s purpose gives you that motivation, that reason inside for doing everything you do. It’s the reason for getting out of bed in the morning. It’s the reason that you go to work or the reason that you come home. It’s the reason for having a relationship, for staying healthy. It’s the very reason for staying alive.

I’ve worked with clients who have been suicidal and found that they are suicidal because either they don’t know their purpose, of if they do know it, they feel it’s impossible to live it. This creates a complete disconnect from their source.

When you’re out of alignment, when you’ve lost connection and communication with your higher self, you can feel very adrift. The thing to remember is that your Higher Self is always there and it’s always communicating with you. It will nudge you and guide you, and push you in the direction to help you realise your life purpose. And by realise, I mean both realise it in physical reality, and also realise what it is.

When you know your purpose and are living in alignment with it life is GOOD.

Life will be fulfilling, satisfying and easy.

Life becomes fun, joyful, and filled with delight.

And isn’t that the kind of life we all aspire to having?

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  1. Phil Batchelor

    Great Article!
    The Question is though, how does one “Find” his life purpose? I’m a 55 year old Man who has been through many life changes. I’ve also been told by Many Psychics and even a very renowned Palm Reader that I am an extremely STRONG person Psychically and they all seem to feel I am supposed to be doing something incredible in this life, but I can’t seem to find it! I have become physically disabled in the past few years, wheelchair bound and now living in a country I do not like nor feel I belong in. Money is the biggest factor keeping me from my Destiny I feel. Now there are Physical boundaries due to my disabilities. Is there a proven way to find your life purpose? I’d love to know!
    Many Thanks,
    Oh, my Date of Birth is August 5th 1960 if you need that!

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