Why Meditate?

We get asked this question a lot!

Milton Erickson said  “All problems are created when the conscious and unconscious mind are no longer in rapport”.

Carl Jung believed that the most important objective for any individual was the attainment of harmony between the two halves of the psyche, the conscious and the unconscious. In this manner man would achieve the “greater victory over himself.”


Other Why’s:

Activating your neurology

When you meditate on anything, say a symbol, you will be running it in your neurology.

When you think a thought you are running it in your neurology.

Thus when you meditate on a particular symbol or energy you are running it in your neurology and activating it in your neurology.

You can use this if you have a particular problem by meditating on the solution, either symbolically or the “actual” solution. It’s usually better to use a symbol as this enables your unconscious mind to actualise the solution in whichever way is best and right. It enables you to let go of the “how”.

Now let’s consider our ego, and where it fits

Our ego is what is between us and others.  Between us and the source.  This is separation.

This separation IS ego.

The ego wants us to remain separate from others and the source.  If there is no separation and we become ONE with the universe – the ego disappears.  The ego is fighting for its survival.  It fights for survival through our emotions.

Sometimes these emotions will feel nice.  You might look at another person and think “I am good. They are bad:.  This sort of ego-driven comparison might cause you to feel good or superior to others.  Would you agree with me, that this might seem to feel nice in the short term, but is ultimately unsatisfying and halts our evolution?

The goal of our spiritual evolution is to merge the three minds, by bringing the Higher Self down INTO the unconscious mind.  When the unconscious mind is full of blocks, limitations, limiting beliefs and all the other aspects of the ego the Higher Self cannot exist permanently with this.

When you release your negative emotions, and other blocks, you make it so much easier to merge your Higher Self with the rest of the mind.

Sometimes the releasing of these blocks can be painful and difficult in itself.  In order to release a negative emotion or block, and in order to release an aspect of the ego, it needs to be brought into your conscious awareness.  When this happens it can seem and look like you have created a problem.  It is only a problem when you think of it as such.  It is, in fact, a perfect opportunity for you to release another part of your ego, to accelerate your evolution and to bring down your Higher Self.

When you are able to stay completely still, calm and centred, no matter what your circumstances, when you only feel joy in the process of creating what you want, you are an evolved being.

At Psycademy, we train our clients to be able to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs with ease.  Meditating is a part of our process and we teach the skills and tools to mediate effectively and listen to our Higher Self.  To be an evolved being, is to be at cause, and when we are creating our future.  And listed below are the qualities our clients experience when practising the tools and skills.



  1. Sees the unity of all life – Is aware of divinity – Is aware that THEY are divinity
  2. Seeks to express themselves AS divinity
  3. Seeks to serve
  4. Always speaks the truth
  5. Does what they say
  6. Embraces the principle of custodianship (rather than ownership)
  7. Will never harm of cause the death of another sentient being without their express permission, including themselves.
  8. Does not compete, instead collaborates
  9. Is aware that they need nothing. – Because they are aware that they are divinity, they know that they are everything and anything they desire can be theirs.  There is no separation.
  10. Expresses unconditional love
  11. Understands and applies the power of metaphysics
  12. Seeks to evolve consciously to know, become and express greater divinity

What are the thoughts that come to you when you read these qualities?

Love… Lisa

If you believe that by changing yourself, everything changes, and you would like to know more about our training programmes, you can find full details here https://www.psycademy.co.uk/training/

There are currently places available on our Conscious Emotional Transformation Certification training https://www.psycademy.co.uk/cetcert/, and if you are committed to being at ‘cause’, a highly evolved being and be the creator of your future, our <Initiation> https://drlisaturner.com/work-with-lisa programme is currently taking applications.

You can book a free 30-minute Discovery Call with one of our team by emailing support@pscyadem.co.uk.


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