Why you can’t do what you want

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This article is an extract from another channelling session with my guides “No-One-Guide”

As usual they give a highly unusual answer to a commonly asked question. And as always they say this about this message

“We are showering you with love, compassion, healing, support and awakening through the medium of these words as you read this. You are loved”

Bea Asks:

I want to be a healer and to offer my healing and psychic work, but the problem is I don’t have premises to do it in. But until I generate an income I can’t afford to buy one!  I know I’m not living my purpose but I feel like I’m going in circles with myself!  


You say that you wish to do something and you’re not doing what you want to do because you do not have the premises that you wish to have.

The reason you are going round in circles is because there is a natural cycle but you are trying to go round it backwards. This is why you feel like you are going round in circles, because you need to turn around, and stop going round in circles in the wrong direction. That way is an ever decreasing circle, and you need to create an ever expansive circle.

Let us explain.

If you believe you need to have something in order to do something, so that you can be someone, this is the cycle reversed.

You start with the “being”, with who you are.

You say you want to be a healer, and in order to be a healer you need to HAVE premises so that you can DO your healing work.

We invite you to reverse this.

If you reverse this you start with who you are.

You are a healer

Decide that you already are this. BE the healer.

Be the healer you wish to be. Then do the healing work you wish to do. When you start with knowing this is who you are you will start doing it. You cannot do anything other than heal if you decide you ARE a healer.

You do not need to own premises in order to BE a healer

There are a great many healers who do not own premises. There are a great many people who own healing premises who are not healers.

The reason you do not have the premises is because you believe you need to own a building.  And in truth you do not.  In order for you to be what you wish to be, and to do what you wish to do you need nothing other than a telephone.

You can hire rooms for the session times that you need to use it for.

This is already available for you right now. But you do not need to own or to buy the healing centre.  Simply rent it for the period of time you need it for.

Now we sense the resistance of, “but this costs money!”

And our answer to this is – then charge more.  Increase your rates so that you can cover the costs of the rental. And now you are saying “but they won’t pay”. And if they won’t then don’t work with these people. It would serve you well to release any belief about what you can or cannot charge.

We know Bea that you are on the path of receiving the initiation into your guide via the coherent field.  We know that this is on your path and we will, with your permission, support you in achieving this outcome, so that you can do what you wish to do and thus experience yourself as being more of who you wish to be.

And start first with the being.

To know that you are source.

You are the embodiment of source and as a child of the universe, you have a divine right to be that, to do that which feeds you, and serves you and serves others.  And to have that which you desire and need to live your purpose.

It is there for you.  It is possible.  It is available.  But because of the limitations that you have put upon how it shows up, it does not appear to be readily available.

Once you release the limitations on HOW you have these outcomes they will show up in new and surprising ways.

We have spoken.

Because so many people ask how can we get this support and help from No-One-Guide, here’s how you can work with me and No-One-Guide to create your future. http://spiritualpractitionertraining.com/

Who are No-One-Guide?

No-One-Guide are a non-physical, highly evolved consciousness. They have never incarnated or inhabited the physical plane. They have never lived before. No-One-Guide, as their name suggests are not a single or fixed energy or being. They are the highest vibrational energy that can be held or invoked into the human body. When I work with them they enter my body. They are fluid and change in energy, vibration and awareness according to who is asking the question, and who is receiving the answer.

As you read this answer you will receive the energy of source that is most appropriate for you at this particular moment. Read this question later and it will feel and seem different. Some have even said the words have changed!

Have you got a question for No-One-Guide?

I hope you enjoyed this answer from No-One-Guide.  I’d love to know what you thought, so do e-mail to let me know, or share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

What would you ask?

If you have a question for Lisa or No-One-Guide hit reply and let us know. I might ask No-One-Guide, pull a card for you, or tune into your situation.  Please note we can’t guarantee to answer every question, but we can guarantee you won’t get an answer if you don’t ask!

All questions are welcome.

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I look forward to reading your questions. The MORE information you give in your question the more likely it is to be answered. Note that No-One-Guide cannot answer questions that would dis-empower you such as “will xxx happen”.

To your spiritual success




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