Why You Should Try to Awaken Spiritually

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Why should you even try and awaken spiritually? Why bother? Why be committed and invested in having this experience?

Before you’re spiritually awakened you’re kind of focused on the material world, the real world, the physicality of the world. What that means is you tend to be a bit governed by your ego sense and the part of your mind called the human condition, and this seems to have a lot of lack.

During that part of your life, you’re in a place of experiencing not enough – not enough time, not enough money, not a good enough job, not a good enough girlfriend or boyfriend, or you haven’t got the right partner, or there isn’t enough love, not enough sex, or there’s enough time but not enough money. So, your life before awakening is all about not enough.

What Happens When You’re Spiritually Awakened?

You move beyond that scarcity mindset of not enough to infinite, because you’re open to, and aware of, and expanded to the infinite, even though it may not be right in front of you. You know that there can be enough, that there is enough, and all you need to do is think differently, take some action, and there will be more than enough, because you will have this infinite mindset. So, one of the first things that happen when you awaken spiritually is you get this sense of no scarcity and no lack.

You are connected to your Higher Self and reach a sense of inner peace. You were always connected to your higher self, but when you’re aware of that connection, you have a sense of inner peace that no matter how terrible the world that you’re looking at seems to be, no matter how bad things looks, you feel that everything is actually okay or going to be okay. There’s this sense of having access to an inner resourceful nurse, and you will be able to handle whatever you’re presented with. This doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes panic and have a freak-out moment.  Yeah, that’s a part of the human condition and it will happen, but it will pass more quickly and come less frequently. So, you have this sense of inner peace, knowing that everything is going to be okay, even if it’s not okay at that moment, because you’re gonna do something about it.

You start to cultivate an increased sense of emotional well-being.  Emotions that we label negative are actually a resistance to love. There’s only one true emotion in the world or the universe, one true energy, and that is love. Anything we experience or label as a negative emotion is resistance to love. It doesn’t mean you’re not going to ever feel angry, but the anger will come as providing a source of motivation and action, so that you can unblock the feeling of love. What you also get is the ability to start releasing and losing those negative emotions from past experiences. If something you think about from the past triggers a negative emotion, that’s emotional baggage. Once you release those emotions from the past, you’re then left with emotions in the present. And, though some of the emotions you feel in the present might be something you want to label negative, they’re your experience of love and are always based on what’s happening right now. You don’t get triggered by past events because you now have the sense of increased emotional well-being.

You have a sense of increased physical well-being because part of spiritual awakening is you raise your awareness of what you are doing with your physical body that either supports and sustains or degrades and depletes. You know that if you take no exercise and sit on the sofa all day, every day, you are not serving your physical well-being. As you awaken spiritually you start to become more drawn to foods and activities and lifestyle choices that serve and support the physical body, and you find yourself repelled from those that don’t support your physical well-being. You gradually get healthier and you find it easier to make good choices. As an awakened person, you want to be better, and you want to eat foods that serve you.  When you choose foods that are labeled as not good for you, you’re able to assimilate that, as you make healthy choices in all areas of your life.

You achieve a sense of why you’re here and what you’re called to do. That in itself is fantastic, but it also leads to lots of other things, one of them being the ease in making decisions. If you know your life purpose, every choice becomes an easy and simple one. Any decision you make is either in alignment with your purpose or it’s out of alignment.

You develop a sense of acceptance and a willingness to change what you don’t choose to accept. So, you have a desire to make the world a better place, and you want to make a difference. With the spiritual vision you now have, you want to make a bigger, brighter, more powerful, more compelling impact on the world, because you know it’s possible for yourself and want that for others.

You have a greater sense of inner joy and your life becomes one of greater abundance. It’s greater abundance and wealth in everything, because the spiritually awakened tend to be more joyful. You know the world isn’t perfect, but you also have the positive attitude of I could do this, or I could do that, or let’s do this! Then you do it – you’re inspiring, you’re exciting, you’re fun, you’re charismatic, you’re joyful.

You become more magnetic – to your soulmate, to that ideal partner, to attracting your beloved, to making more friends and becoming more deeply connected to the friends that you already have. So, you find that you have more love in your life for everyone, including yourself.

When you become spiritually awakened, you achieve all of those things. An unawakened person only sees what’s in front of them and what’s here now. Once awakened, you can see the options, and you have the ability to make a difference, create change, and impact your life and the world in a powerful way.


Watch the video here. I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below. What do you think of awakening spiritually? Have you started your Spiritual Awakening? Let me know if you have any questions.

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