Do you need answers, guidance, or simply to know that
your loved ones are all right and still with you?

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"No Guesswork Involved - Guaranteed Connection With Your Loved Ones In Spirit"

Most traditional mediums you’ll come across rely on the generally unreliable practice of ‘cold reading’. This is where questions are asked like: "I'm getting... apples. Does that mean anything to you?" or "I see a leather jacket... can you take that?" There’s a lot of hit and miss involved and no guarantee that they will contact the right spirit – or any spirits at all!

At Psycademy, though, we take out the guesswork. We remove the need to ask leading questions. Our radical new ‘Modern Mediumship’ technique has been developed in-house here and is not available anywhere else.

When you come to a Psycademy Modern Medium you are guaranteed to have an undeniable experience of connecting with your loved ones. You will receive the answers you need, the resolution and closure you crave, and know that your loved ones are always with you.

Would you like to…

Recover from grief and loss
Know that your loved ones are all right
Find proof of the afterlife
Know that your loved ones are still with you
Find closure to say and hear what couldn’t be said in life
Communicate with loved ones who are still living but absent from your life

Get the guidance you need and the answers to your questions

All our Psycademy mediums are High Level Psychics. Working at the level of the Higher Self we support you as YOU connect with your loved ones in the spirit world. We don’t pass messages, we enable you to make a direct connection.

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Basic Reading

1 x 30 minute session ~ £55

In-Depth Reading

1 x 60 minute sessions ~ £95

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How to book

1. Select the reading you would like.

2. Click 'Book Now' and complete your payment details.

3. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation and details of how to book your session.

4. All sessions are scheduled with your practitioner who will contact you to arrange a suitable time and method of contact. Your session may take place via:

a. Skype
b. Phone (landline)
c. Conference line

5. Please complete the pre-session questionnaire and return.

How to get the most from your session

1. Before your session make sure you have completed and returned your questionnaire.

2. We will address the most pressing and important issue.

3. Make sure you have all your contact arrangements ready, the Skype address or phone number.

4. Ensure you are in a quiet, comfortable environment and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration.

5. Take a few moments before your session to settle yourself and be open to receive.

6. Our High Level Modern Mediums are highly sought after and there may be a short wait before your session can be scheduled.

Terms and Conditions

Modern Medium readings are for guidance only and are not intended to replace treatment from a medical, financial, or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.

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