Fed up with finding life a struggle? Do you have problems with your finances, relationships, health, work or your spiritual connection?

Book Your Personal Psychic Or Tarot Reading With A High Level Psychic Now

“Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Permanently Solve Your Life’s Problems and experience the opportunity to have the blocks to your happiness and success removed!”

Unlike many psychics who create self-fulfilling prophecies by predicting the future or tell you what you already know, Psycademy psychics are all “High-Level-Psychics”. Working at the level of the Higher Self we see ALL your possible futures and assist you to solve problems, remove obstacles and CREATE the future you desire.

Have you ever yearned for the answers to questions like these?

What is causing me financial challenges and how do I remove the blocks to the flow
of money.
How can I let go of the wall around my heart and the belief I am not worthy of divine love
I feel completely stuck, none of my dreams or goals every come to anything, what can
I do?
I’ve been struggling for years with a lack of direction, purpose and passion. I am in a
dead-end job without much scope for career progression or creativity. What can I do to
get on track to finding my life purpose and living it?
What can I do to heal my relationship with my mother, how to I forgive, her and myself?
How do I get rid of the bad luck that has been shadowing me for years?
Why do I keep hitting obstacles? My way forward always seems to be blocked?

Get the answers to your questions and the solutions to life’s challenges and problems.

All of our High Level Psychics are Certified Spiritual Master Practitioners, and Master Practitioners of NLP, NLPCoaching, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Spiritual Mastery.

Our High Level Psychics are all trained to use a range of spiritual techniques including: Tarot, Past Life Reading, Akashic Records Reading, Dream Analysis.

Select the type of reading you would like to have from the list below.

Core Question Reading

This, short reading, is perfect for a single question. Need a quick answer to a problem that’s been bugging you?

Want some quick clarity to help you make a decision?  Then this is the super-fast session for you.

In this reading you can ask a single question about one aspect of your life. Such as:

Money & Finances: What is blocking my financial flow? What's the
easiest way to allow financial abundance to show up in my life?

Love and Relationships: What has created this situation with my

Job or Career: What is stopping me from getting my business off the

House: How can I speed up my house move? What is blocking it?

Health: How can I heal myself?

15 minutes ~ £35

Basic Reading

Get an accurate overview of what you are currently creating, and the steps you need to take to start creating what you desire.

Reveal how past events have created your present situation and what
steps you can take to make changes.

Discover what’s currently in creation in your immediate future.

Get clarity on your desires, goals and how you can start creating them
in your future.

30 minutes ~ £55

Full In-Depth Reading

In this reading we can go into a little more depth to really start to solve a core issue for you.

Here’s a sampling of what you could experience during a full session:

Get an understanding of where you are and what’s holding you back,
and start to release your blocks to success.

Reveal the cause of troubled relationships or what’s stopping you find

Identify any energy leaks that might impact your health, wealth or joy

Emotional audit. Find your emotional triggers and their root cause

Full energy scan and energy field diagnosis – this picks up any health
issues that might manifest later

Spiritual Audit. Pinpoint where you are not fully connected to your
source and where you are out of alignment with your karmic purpose.
This is beyond your life’s purpose and relates to your personal
evolution in this lifetime.

Explore the cause of your current problems with your relationships,
finances, health.

Pinpoint the root cause of painful emotions and negative self-talk and mindset

Answers to your questions from our guides

60 minutes ~ £95

How to book

1. Select the reading you would like.

2. Click 'Book Now' and complete your payment details.

3. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation and details of how to book your session.

4. All sessions are scheduled with your practitioner who will contact you to arrange a suitable time and method of contact. Your session may take place via:

a. Skype
b. Phone (landline)
c. Conference line

5. Please complete the pre-session questionnaire and return.

How to get the most from your session

1. Before your session make sure you have completed and returned your questionnaire.

2. We will address the most pressing and important issue.

3. Make sure you have all your contact arrangements ready, the Skype address or phone number.

4. Ensure you are in a quiet, comfortable environment and that you won’t be disturbed for the duration.

5. Take a few moments before your session to settle yourself and be open to receive.

6. Our High Level Psychics are highly sought after and there may be a short wait before your session can be scheduled.

Terms and Conditions

Psychic and Tarot readings are for guidance only and are not intended to replace treatment from a medical, financial, or other specialist professional. Please see our full terms and conditions.

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